Grown Ups

The courses in our school are conducted methodically with simple drills so that students can understand feel the wind and the boat. Then as their ability to sail the boat increases we try more complex drills. Each lesson consist of briefing and debriefing where we discuss the necessary theoretical aspects of sailing, the correct thing we 've done and the mistakes. Our target is that someone with no experience in sailing to be able to sail a dinghy boat safely and understand that he has a lot more to learn!
In the beginners group we practice:

  • Handling of the boat tacking jibing
  • Sailing with the rudder and sails
  • Handling of sails and trimming
  • Departing and arriving to the marina without assistance (engine)
  • Rules of the sea

thus we learn the basics of aero-hydrodynamics of sailing. The beginners' course includes 16 sessions (total 48 hours) over a period of two months on Saturday's and Sunday's. The courses are focused more on practice. After the beginners group you can continue without any preconditions in advanced group and then to racing group
New courses start every two months. But for those who want to progress faster or have a tight schedule you can book private lessons.
Join us and learn to sail dinghy sailing boats. If your friends are not excited as you don't worry. In our school you will always find someone willing to show you and to go out sailing with you!
After graduating from the beginners group you will be able to pass to the advanced group and continue practicing with even more difficult weather conditions.