Kids & Teenagers

Kids now days have less and less opportunities to play with their friends unrestricted in nature and get in touch with nature in order to grow their personality in a healthy way. mikroi istioplooi In our Sailing School:

  • Each day kids learn something new and have a new challenge to face.
  • They learn to use the wind manage their boat and at the same time how to overcome the opponent.
  • They learn cooperation and leadership.
  • Physics that are taught in school comes in to practice in sailing.
  • They do not have to stop as they grow up sailing has no age limit

Sailing is an experience of a lifetime. Thus it is a sport that you can enjoy with your children. In our school we take in to account that each child has it own learning way an pace. Therefore success for the children and for the teacher is considered it's improvement according to its own capabilities. Comparing with others does not matter. In that way their self-confidence and emotional intelligence grows on stable foundations.
Children 13 years of age, boys and girls can start sailing without any experience and younger children can participate in our courses if they have completed the Optimist (small dinghy boat) course.
Give your children the opportunity to experience the world of sailing and learn from nature!