Offshore Sailing School Graduates

Get the experience you need after your offshore sailing course. In our sailing school you will practice:

  • boat steering
  • sails trim
  • aero-hydrodynamic principles
  • departing and arriving to the port only with sails
  • using the spinnaker
  • racing strategies and tacticts
  • racing starts
  • rules of the game

The beginners' course includes 16 sessions (total 48 hours) over a period of two months on Saturday's and Sunday's. The courses are focused more on practice. After the begginers group you can continue without any preconditions in advanced group and then to racing group
New courses start every two months. But for those who want to progress faster or have a tight schedule you can book private lessons.
Join us and learn to sail dinghy sailing boats. If your friends are not excited as you don't worry. In our school you will always find someone willing to show you and to go out sailing with you!