Our fleet

The Lightning, a 19-foot trailerable centerboard sloop, was originally designed by Sparkman & Stephens as an affordable family day-sailor and racing boat. She has evolved into one of the most popular and competitive one-design racing classes in the world. Awarded ISAF International Class status, the Lightning is sailed in more than 13 countries and in the Pan American Games, and the class provides a professionally-managed association that is among the largest in all of one-design sailing. The Lightning's rig is simple, but offers sophisticated sail shape controls. The hull features a unique hard chine design that combines the stability that provides sail-carrying power, with flat bottom sections that promote planing.

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RunN’ Gun

runngunThis boat is the oldest in our fleet. It was build in Greece in the 70’ and in 2014 we managed to finish renovating it and launch it in the sea again.

Danger Mouse

dangermouseDanger Mouse was build by NBW and came from the US to join our fleet in March 2014. This one of the boats that were donated by ILCA to support our sailing program


excaliburExcalibur is the oldest boat in our fleet built in Marsala in Sicily in 1980 by Pelegrino. It is made of wood (mahogany and plywood). It has participated in many regattas. It's last distinction was the third place in the 2010 Pastikakeia


excaliburJuohmaru was built also in Marsala Sicily by Pelegrino and is identical with Excalibur only 12 years younger. Along with Excalibur they are considered rare collectable boats.


CortomalteseOne of the best looking boats that we have. Build by NBW joined our fleet in June 2014. In the European championship same year in Voula it came 6th.

At it Again

At it AgainBuild by NBW this boat came to Greece in June 2014. Proved to be fast as in came 3rd in the Master’s division in Europeans 2014.

Midnight Drift

midnight driftThe Midnight Drift is the newest boat in our fleet was built in 2006 from Nickels Boats Works and is very fast. It has numerous wins to its credit and one of the most important is winning the European Championship 2008 in Switzerland


SolingThis Soling was resurrected and is used for training in our sailing school. It's an amazing boat with too many settings. We have "raced" against several offshore sailing boats and we won. It is faster than the Lightning despite its 1000kg.


JagaGood looking and fast boat. It joined our fleet in March 2014. This was the second boat to be donated for our sailing program by ILCA.

Nexus Light

Nexus LightNexus Light is one of the newest boats of our fleet. Build by NBW has the latest deck layout. Came in Greece in March 2014 with the support of ILCA and sails every weekend.


EndevorThe newest boat in Greece joined our fleet in June 2014. This boat is a donation from Lauri Hemming intending to assist Finnish teams sailing with us.

Africa Unite

Africa UniteThe Africa Unite is the inflatable boat that always accompany our training sessions. It was build in Italy. In 2010 we changed the engine and now has the latest HONDA BF50D . In the same year changed the inflatable tubes. So it's a new boat!